Ayurvediya Ahar Vimarsh

Editor : Dr. Ganesh Karajkhede [B.A.M.S. M.Phil. (Ayurveda), M.A.(Sanskrit)]

    Food forms one of the basic necessities for mankind. It is the basis for survival of all the living

beings on the planet. The description of food or edible materials is available in the oldest of

Indian literary works. The Indian culture also has a rich and varied description of this

important aspect of life called ‘Ahar' (diet) without which not only the growth, but the

sustenance of life itself is impossible.

    The concepts of diet in the Indian culture have more or less been described as a part and

parcel of the Ayurvedic literature. The idea of dietetics and nutrition as independent science,

or branch of medicinal science is western, and relatively recent but fast gaining importance.

Hence, the need for the study of the ancient Indian concepts of diet, and a renewed

understanding of this important aspect of life in the light of Ayurvedic fundamentals has also

become necessary. Hence we published this book for Ayurveda fraternity.

This book is divided in three sections. The first part analyses different recipes and their

attributes as per the description in the ancient texts. These recipes are described in the same

manner as in the texts, with certain foot notes from the authors. In the list of these recipes,

along with the principal dietary items, different types of spice mixes or ‘masala’, different types

of decoctions, health drinks, confectionery and snacks have also been included. This section

also includes descriptions of topics complimentary to diet, like different mixtures of medicinal

herbs which are useful for the initiation of the sensation of hunger ‘Kshudhbodhaka yoga’ and

those which are useful as mouth-fresheners ‘Mukhashudhikar yoga’. The collection includes

recipes from various texts and foot notes which make it convenient for the reader to better

understand this concept from the Ayurvedic point of view and then prepare the recipes. The

second section ‘Pathya-Apathya’ includes a collection of the set of dietary regulations to be

imposed in case of certain diseases, as per the descriptions in the samhitas. The third part

which again is a compilation, refers to the characteristics of different substances or raw food

items according to the Ayurvedic parameters.

    The book is mainly in the form of compilatory study, along with notes of essential information

and useful guidelines for reader. The entire anthology is from the ancient books

Kshemakutuhal, Bhojankutuhal, and the Samhitas namely the Charaka Samhita, Sushruta

Samhita, Ashtanga Sangraha, Astanga Hridaya, Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Yogaratnakar,

Chakradutta, Kashyap Samhita, Nighantu Ratnakar and Kaiyadeva Nighantu. This book also

can be termed as an anthology of recipes ranging from the period of the Charaksamhita to

almost the 16th century. The compilations in this book offer a complete guideline for dietary

advice in case of illness, and the characteristics of different edible substances, plus the

recipes, all in one place. Thus, this book should prove useful to all those interested in

studying the curriculum of Indian dietetics and wish to follow a career as a nutritionist

specializing in Indian dietetics. It should also prove useful to those interested in gaining

knowledge about the Ayurvedic and other traditional practices regarding food craft in the

ancient times. This book also provides impetus to work of the researchers and scholars in

scrutinizing dietary practices existing in a particular period of time.

Edition : Second

Language : Marathi

Published by : Manakarnika Publications

Pages : A4 size 188 pages

Useful to : Practitioners, Students, Researchers and Teachers (Swasthavritta and

KayaChikitsa) of Ayurveda

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Ayurvediya Ahar Vimarsh

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Ayurvediya Ahar Vimarsh

Ayurvediya Ahar Vimarsh

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